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Summer interviewing me
Interview with Summer Rayne Oakes for her Plant One On Me series

Soil science Communication:

Soil Science Society of America, featured career profile

Kirsten Kurtz, the soil scientist and artist who paints with dirt, Yale Climate Connection, 8/23/19

Growth Medium: In the ag equivalent of an annual physical, a busy CALS lab offers comprehensive check-ups for an essential resource: soil, Cornell Alumni Magazine, July/August 2018

Scientific Publications:

Google Scholar, Kirsten Kurtz

Soil Painting:

Artist Alum Has an Unusual Medium: Earth Itself, Cornellians, 8/7/23

Earth Art at Howling Wolf Farm, The Herald, 7/28/22

The Art of Soil Painting, Art and Wine Magazine, 4/29/2020

Painting with Soil, The Dirt, North Dakota Master Gardener Program Newsletter, 9/19

Art at BTI (Boyce Thompson Institute) presents Kirsten Kurtz. Reception June 23rd 2020

Soil Painting and the Art of Community Engagement, Tri-Society meeting (invited speaker), San Antonio Texas, 11/12/19