Soil Communication:

Growth Medium: In the ag equivalent of an annual physical, a busy CALS lab offers comprehensive check-ups for an essential resource: soil, Cornell Alumni Magazine, July/August 2018

Soil Painting:

Soilistic Art: Part 1-Painting, Ceramics, Pottery and Architecture, CSA News, Soil Science Society of America, 5/6/19

YANDAVA: Art and Environmentalism, Cornell Sun, 3/4/19

The Art of Dirt, Soil Painting celebrates Essential Resource, periodiCALS, 5/6/18

Cornell Artists Win Global Soil Painting Competition, Art Materials Retailer Magazine, 1/16/18

Cornell University, I.E.S. Pontepedriña Secondary School and Glendale High School win first place at FAO/GSP’s Soil Painting Competition 2017. FAO Press Release 2/2018

Cornell artists win global soil painting competition-Cornell Chronicle, 1/16/18

Soil painting at Cornell highlights importance of resource and inspires global competition – Ithaca Voice 12/6/17

Dec. 5 global soil painting competition illustrates soil’s vital role, Cornell Chronicle, 11/28/17

For the love of dirt, Dec. 10 event offers soil painting, Cornell Chronicle, 12/9/15

Kirsten Kurtz sketches Cornell’s McGraw Tower, Cornell CALS Twitter, 12/10/15

Kirsten Kurtz, Out of the Woods, Solo Show, The Shop Cafe, 8/1/15

Soil Health:

Cornell Lab Digs Deep Into World Soil Health, Cornell Daily Sun, 4/19/19

Healthy Soil: It’s of Growing Significance, Edible Western NY, 5/25/18

Dirt Dude Conversations- With Bob and Kirsten from the Cornell Soil Health Lab 6/21/18

Inför vårtbruket 2018-Soil Health Article in Swedish (pg14-17)

Soil Science with Kirsten Kurtz and Bob Schindelbeck, Radio Show-Locally Sourced Science, 3,15,17

Cover Cropping in Concord Vineyards, Westfield Republican, 8/25/16

Soil Health Workshop Teaches from the Ground Up, Cornell Chronicle, 9/8/14

Other Soil Painters:

Soil is essential and also beautiful, it has inspired soil painters from around the world. These artists have techniques and styles that are unique and varied, just like soil:

Te Miringa Te Rorarangi

Jan Lang

Yusuke Asai

Ken Van Rees

Henry Neubig

Jan Riggio

Talaandig Soil Paintings

Soil painting may have been around longer than we thought:

Cave Art May Have Been the Work of Neanderthals, NPR, 2/22/18