Soil painting with the Art of Horticulture class, Cornell University, 2018

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Art of Horticulture Class with soil paint


Soil Painting at the Ithaca Reggae Festival, 2018



Past shows and outreach events:

Soil Art Show, Soil Science Society of America, International Soils Meeting, San Diego, 2019

Soil Painting in the Art of Horticulture Class at Cornell University, 2018

Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance, 7/19/2018-7/22/2018

Ithaca Reggae Festival, 6/23/2018

Shifting Ground, Johnson Museum of Art, 4/21/2018

World Soil Day at Cornell University, 12/5/2017

Women’s Show, Tjaden Gallery, 3/6/2017

Science Cabaret, On Healthy Soil and Dirty Art, 3/21/2017

World Soil Day at Cornell University, 12/10/15

Out of the Woods, The Shop, 8/2014