Shows and Events

Soil painting with the Art of Horticulture class, Cornell University, 2018


Deeply Rooted: How Soil Connects Us: Valene L. Smith Museum of Anthropology, California State University Chico, 1/26/23-9/30/23

Soil Painting with the Arts Bus and Kirsten Kurtz  at Howling Wolf Farm 8/7/22 

Grounded, Life is Soil, Soil is Life. Mann Library, Cornell University, 6/1/22 – 10/31/22

Virtual Art Show: Trumansburg Conservatory of Fine Arts, 1/24/20

Virtual Art Show:  Boyce Thompson Institute, 6/23/20

Soil as Muse: Inspiration and Artistry Soil Art Show, 11/13-16/19 San Antonio, Texas

Soil Art Show, Soil Science Society of America, International Soils Meeting, San Diego, 1/6/19

Women’s Show, Tjaden Gallery, Cornell University, 3/6/17

Out of the Woods, The Shop, 8/14


The 15th Annual Men’s Garden Club Winter Seminar, Youngstown, OH, 2/15/20

Soil Painting at the NYS Fair, 8/31/19

2019 Ithaca Reggae Festival 6/29/19

2019 State Teen Action Representative Retreat Workshops, 4/5-7/19

Museum Rocks-Late Night, Johnson Art Museum, Cornell University, 3/1/19

Soil Painting in the Art of Horticulture Class at Cornell University, 2018

Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance, 7/19/18

Ithaca Reggae Festival, 6/23/18

Shifting Ground, Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University, 4/21/18

World Soil Day at Cornell University, 12/5/17

Science Cabaret, On Healthy Soil and Dirty Art, 3/21/17

World Soil Day at Cornell University, 12/10/15

Canvas prep Ithaca Reggae Fest