Upcoming shows and outreach events:

Ithaca Reggae Festival, 6/23/2018

Press release:

Artist Kirsten Kurtz, manager of the Cornell Soil Health Laboratory, a worldwide leader in soil health testing, will lead a soil painting event in the educational village from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.. Kirsten, with support from the lab, organizes community events using soil painting as a vehicle to inspire participants to not only celebrate the beauty of soil, but to also think about soil as an essential natural resource — as important to our quality of life as clean air and water. Kirsten recently led a team from Cornell to win an international painting contest held by the United Nations-Food and Agriculture Organization. All are welcome to join the soil health team and contribute to a large painting made entirely from soil.

Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance, 7/19/2018-7/22/2018

Details coming soon!

Past shows and outreach events:

Shifting Ground, Johnson Museum of Art, 4/21/2018

World Soil Day at Cornell University, 12/5/2017

Women’s Show, Tjaden Gallery, 3/6/2017

Science Cabaret, On Healthy Soil and Dirty Art, 3/21/2017

World Soil Day at Cornell University, 12/10/15

Out of the Woods, The Shop, 8/2014