After Artimes

After Artemis, Soil and Gesso 2017, Donated to AAP Women Unite for Equality, Tjaden Gallery, Cornell University Sold

Three Sisters. Soil and Gesso. 2017

Three Sisters in Soil. Soil and Gesso. 2017 World Soil Day at Cornell University. Design, painting  and concept: Kirsten Kurtz. Additional artists: Patty Chan, Shujie Li, Fatma Rekik, Emily Detrick and Shiyi Li.  Donated. This painting, generously funded by the Soil and Crop Sciences Section, School of Integrative Plant Science, won the university division of the soil painting competition sponsored by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).



Oldest Brother. Family Portrait Series. Soil and Gesso. 2014 NFS


Youngest Brother. Family Portrait Series. Soil and Gesso. 2014 NFS

soil extra dirty

Soil, Extra Dirty, Soil and Gesso, 2017. Sold

This soil painting was done live for Ithaca Science Cabaret in 2017. Follow this link for additional details about this event including a video of the entire Science Cabaret.

Nora 2

Nora, Soil and Gesso, 2017. Sold

Picture of soil mural

McGraw Tower, Soil and Gesso, 2015. This painting was part of a community soil painting event on the Cornell University campus to celebrate World Soil Day 2015. Donated

Ode to Audabon

Ode to Audubon, Soil and Gesso, 2017.